6-Daily Mood Tracker Journal: Overall Wellness and Mental Health Diary

One Step Daily Towards a Happier Healthier You!
Journaling about your thoughts, mood swings and self-care routine will help you reflect on what’s going right and what needs to be looked into.
This Daily Mood Tracker Journal is a great tool to practice Self-Care and learn more about yourself.
This Overall Wellness and Mental Health Diary will help you

  • Reflect on your Moods and Emotions,
  • Practice Self-Care
  • Develop New Habits
  • Relief Anxiety and Depression
  • Make visible changes in your day-to-day routine to maintain Mental Health.

Call it a Positivity Journal or Mental Health Tracker or Anxiety Relief and Wellness Planner, it’s perfect to suit your needs.
It’s an amazing Gift for BirthdaysHolidays and other Occasions.
Book features:
3 months- 12 Weeks.
✓ Daily Mood Tracker 7 pages/week (7pages x 12 weeks)
✓ Weekly Reflection 1 page/week (1x12pages)
✓ Monthly Analysis 3 pages/month (3x3months)
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