Love me O Allah: Islamic Activity book for Muslim kids

Find the Secrets of Divine Love of Allah SWT with Love Me O’ Allah! Activity Book
Loving Allah SWT is the basic fundamental of Islam. Every Muslim loves Allah SWT, and seeks His love in return. Every Muslim who claims his love for Allah SWT must try to obey him in the best of his capacity.
This activity book is designed for kids with an intention of teaching them Islamic Values in an easy and fun way. Difficult concepts are diluted for young minds to comprehend and apply the values with ease. In this book kids will learn about the characteristics of the people whom Allah SWT prefers to shower his love upon along with the people he dislikes and hates.
These characteristics are clearly mentioned in Al Quran Al Karim. All the activities are designed in this book in the light of Al Quran, Hadith, Stories of the Prophets PBUT and the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
Our sole intention in creating this activity book is to enable Young Muslims to embrace their religion with ease and encourage them to apply its values in their daily life.
All activities are designed to promote Critical Thinking and Real Life Application Skills with Cross Curricular Links to other subjects such as Language, Science, Mathematics, Arts and Social studies etc.

★ Featuring: 12 Exclusive Topics with Variety of Fun Activities for Kids, Ages 8 & above.

  • Coloring- Drawing -Tracing
  • Cut & Paste – Puzzles- Coupons- DIY activity
  • Match the following – Fill in the blanks
  • Question/Answers – Differentiation – Numbering
  • True or False – Weekly Dairy – Letter writing
  • Mental Math – Self-assessment – Checklist

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