Stroke Recovery Activity Book: Handwriting and Tracing Workbook.

Stroke the Pen, Heal the Mind: Discover Renewed Hope in Our Handwriting & Tracing Workbook!

In moments when easy things slip away, let our Handwriting & Tracing Workbook be your guiding light. Thoughtfully designed to aid patients recovering from Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), it also extends its helping hand to seniors grappling with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

This remarkable book serves as a catalyst, empowering patients to relearn the art of Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Remembering. With generous use of large fonts, we ensure a comfortable experience for seniors with low vision, sparing any strains on their precious eyes and brains.

Present it as a heartwarming gesture to those on the path of Stroke Recovery and Aphasia Rehabilitation. Alternatively, it makes a meaningful gift for someone embarking on the journey with Dementia. Unleash the potential of memory with this invaluable workbook!”

✓ More than 1000 Common and General Knowledge Words.
✓ All the Words are given Twice (1000 x 2)
✓ Words are Divided under Suitable Titles.
✓ Extra Pages at the end for Writing Practice.
✓ Extra large fonts.

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